Simply delicious are the words that should come into your mind when you think about food from Indian Pepper in Panmure, Auckland.
The team at Indian Pepper are responsible for ensuring that all customers receive a quality dining experience and that food is prepared and cooked to the highest standards.

Whether it is the famous Butter Chicken, unique Khyber Pass Tikkaall the dishes are made with fresh ingredients sourced on the day from the suppliers. Lamb, chicken, beef or vegetables, all are prepared on a daily basis and cooked after receiving the orders from the customers. Kitchen ensures that they are consistent in taste, quality and quantity. The whole process is followed all over again the next day.


It is important to the team at Indian Pepper that customers are not only served with delicious food but also with customer service that is just as good as the food. Whether it is a romantic dinner for two or a luncheon for 10, the Maître D ensures that each customer is received and served with the best professional service.

It is a love affair for the team at Indian Pepper. It begins with sourcing fresh ingredients locally and spices from India that reflect the true taste of Indian food. The chefs cook recipes that are close to their hearts and the staff provides the best possible service to their customers. And to keep the love alive, the whole process begins again the next day.

Indian Pepper's menu has been extensively researched and is packed with dishes made from fresh ingredients that represent the true flavour of India.

Indian Pepper offers soups, tandoori dishes, naan breads and all the famous curries of India, as well as a special blend of Indian and Chinese dishes.

Apart from the normal menu, we are also offering dishes that are truly unique to Indian Pepper and are not being offered elsewhere and we call them “Creations of Indian Pepper”. Please consult with our staff to enquire about these unique house specialties